Satellite alert technology key in global war against pests

October 15, 2019

Reports that the adoption of satellite-backed pest alerts is helping farmers across the globe reduce crop losses highlights the vital role that agritech has to play in the sustainable future of the food industry. 

According to a UK Space Agency survey conducted during the 2018/19 crop season, farmers who received alerts reported 21 percent losses compared to 26 percent by their counterparts.


The survey employed Pest Risk Information Service technology to alert farmers on pests, using a satellite-backed system. The results provide further proof that scaling up the adoption of modern technology can help farmers improve their harvests.


Countries like Kenya have, in the past, borne the brunt of pest attacks like the Fall Armyworm, which destroys crops and leaves farmers with massive losses.


In Meru County, for example, macadamia farmers are likely to suffer great losses following an attack by flower-damaging mini bugs that cause flower and fruit failure. The new technology can help provide the early warning that is needed by growers to prevent these attacks from taking place.


Being an agricultural-based economy, Kenya cannot afford to incur such losses hence the need to adopt measures that can help alleviate the situation. 


Rolling out satellite-based alert technology in such countries would enable farmers to operate in an environment that is conducive to future sustainability.

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