British root vegetables replace Mediterranean options as shoppers get used to eating seasonally, Wai

British root vegetables are making a comeback, as people get used to eating seasonal, Waitrose, sales figures show.

The supermarket has increased its order of locally sourced British root vegetables by fifty percent in light of the impending Brexit at the end of October.

Swede, celeriac and turnips are outselling their Mediterranean cousins as more and more customers are looking to purchase traditional British root vegetables again.

Online, sales of swede have increased by a staggering fifty two percent on Waitrose website over the past twelve months, whilst sales of celeriac, a vegan Sunday roast alternative, have risen by a quarter compared to this time last year.

Senior development chief at Waitrose and Partners, Zoe Simons, explained: "Many traditional British root vegetables have unfortunately fallen out of favour in the last decade, but last year we experienced a true renaissance of root vegetables!

"Vegetables such as celeriac, turnips and turnips are unbelievably versatile and great as a staple and side dish, fry a whole celeriac for a great vegetarian entree or try a beetroot and turnip gratin for a decadent side dish."

A Waitrose spokesman added, "Many customers have probably shunned some of the more traditional root vegetables in recent years because they were not sure how to prepare them, but upscale restaurants have now made them a real feature on menus."

It seems that the UK is slowly returning to a seasonal produce mindset that, in light of Brexit mayhem, is a positive way forward for suppliers and supermarkets alike.