Current seasonal workers situation "having devastating impacts" says NFU

Ali Capper, has emphasised the need for the seasonal workers pilot scheme to be extended 'with immediate effect' to tackle food wastage, as tonnes of crops are left to rot in fields due to a shortage of workers.

In a letter to trade publication The Grocer, the chair of the NFU horticulture and potatoes board, wrote:

“The current Brexit situation is deeply frustrating for many growers, who are keen to move on from the current Brexit impasse. We want to know how we can solve the ongoing shortage of seasonal workers.

“It is having devastating impacts.

"The sector has seen an unprecedented scale of waste this year on farms across the country: 16 million apples unpicked; 87,000 pallets of raspberries unpicked; 63,000 punnets of blueberries unpicked; 5,500 packs of French beans unpicked; 50 tonnes of strawberries unpicked; 25 tonnes of blueberries unpicked; 25 tonnes of cherries unpicked.

“Every day another farm and another crop are added to the list. This is food waste at a grand scale. It is completely unnecessary.

"We are calling for the Government to expand the seasonal workers pilot with immediate effect to the full 70,000 required for our sector. British growers require a fully functioning seasonal labour scheme just like every other European country, now.”

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