Defining the three C’s of the fresh produce industry: FruPro looks to “change the world” with new mo

Our relationship with the food we choose to buy and eat has never been more complex!

FruPro understand this shift in mindset and are looking to “change the world” with a new mobile app that will offer greater clarity, drive connectivity and build communities across the Fresh Produce industry.

From left to right Reg Jackson, Damian Weedon and William Hill. Photo source: FPC

The app is the brainchild of William Hill and Damian Weedon, the founders of W Hill Imports, whose careers in fresh produce sprung from a lifetime passion, and Reg Jackson, a long-term veteran of the industry, with a wealth of sector related IT experience.

The trio embarked upon the project around a year ago with a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve.

“Damian, Reg and I started to think about the daily, time-consuming problems that crop up in fresh produce; finding out where lorries are, sourcing and contacting growers, getting the right information, arranging credit insurance and getting their full details,” Hill explains. “It all results in a constant stream of emails, phone calls, texts and so on. FruPro will bring all these together into one single, easy to access place.”

“The idea had been there for a while” Weedon adds. “We knew there was a gap in the market for an app like this. It was just about finding the perfect time to make it happen, and that’s now!”

The partners also want to “improve everybody’s relationship with fresh produce and engage the consumer on the nuances of fruit, veg, fish and meat.”

“We had a vision of what we think it [FruPro] can do for the industry" says Hill, "but originally its about what we can do for the consumer across the world - we would like to change the world.”

A bold statement indeed, but one built upon the three C’s of Clarity, Connectivity and Community.

In essence, FruPro will provide an end-to-end community for the Fresh Produce industry worldwide, whilst offering greater clarity through transparency for fresh produce consumers and a chance to connect and engage with the industry in Realtime.

“With FruPro, every business in our industry has a dedicated platform for making information more transparent, credentials more accessible, marketing more targeted and connections more rewarding.” says Jackson.

“So, instead of an endless trail of documents, emails and conversations, there’s a simple, open destination where the information that matters can be found - and shared - in seconds,” he adds.

The app will incorporate elements of other successful community-focused apps such as Uber, WhatsApp and Instagram, to create a totally integrated platform for people involved in the fresh produce supply chain, along with the shoppers who buy it.

Food businesses and growers can create a profile, registering their services and capabilities. Through the app, growers can showcase their produce, which buyers can monitor and make orders.

And looking to the future, FruPro aims to become a benchmark for food and fresh produce businesses and enthusiasts across the industry.

“Down the line we plan to extend FruPro to incorporate restaurants and food places,” says Hill.

“Consumers will be able to read a menu and use the app to tell them exactly where the food has come from that day. We’ll also provide consumers with updates on their favourite fresh produce, give them fun nutritional recipes that they can enjoy and further enhance their own and their family’s relationship with fresh produce.”

Ultimately, FruPro is a simple concept but it’s one that makes perfect sense!

It’s a vision born out of a passion for the fresh produce industry and it’s one that’s set to transform and shape the way we all engage with the food we grow, transport, buy and eat every day.