A brand new course from FPC on artificial intelligence

FPC are excited to announce a brand new course for members dealing with the increasingly important area of artificial intelligence in fresh produce. The course’s focus is wholly on practicality, how to set ambitious but realistic expectations and how to derive value from such applications quickly.

Practical Applications of AI in Fresh Produce is a new interactive event where delegates will discuss the practical uses of AI in fresh produce. The course has two parts. Firstly, a 30-minute presentation will set the context and will use real-life examples to show the achievable benefits as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

The second part will be a discussion where members can explore the potential of this new technology, share their views and have their questions answered.

The course will be delivered by Mihai Ciobanu who built his first forecasting models in the late 90’s as a stock trader in Romania. He then moved to a career in consumer goods and consumer healthcare, spanning almost 15 years in Unilever, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. In 2013 he moved to London where he completed the Sloan programme at LBS with an ambition to start a global business.

He founded Fresh4cast, which provides forecast-as-a-service solutions specialised in fresh fruit and veg and aims to help its customers improve predictability through a combination of technology and highly-qualified customer service, in the same year.

Mihai has an MBA with distinction from the Maastricht School of Management, an MSc with distinction from London Business School and several online courses and specializations in data science, machine learning and deep learning from John Hopkins and Stanford.

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