"No carrots were harmed during the making of these adverts!" Aldi and John Lewis' spar

Christmas is a crucial time in the year for retailers and the annual battle for the best festive advert is underway. And what's better than a bit of friendly rivalry between a few of the big food stores?

Aldi have publicised their reaction to John Lewis' 2019 festive campaign on Twitter with people even saying the bargain retailer has "won Christmas" thanks to their response.

Sharing an image of Excitable Edgar, the star of John Lewis' ad, which shows the cute dragon holding a carrot, Aldi tweeted: "Can the CEO of @jlandpartners PLEASE CONTACT #KevinTheCarrot URGENTLY. Thank you. #ExcitableEdgar."

Their tweet also takes a subtle swipe at Tesco following its drama with Spice Girl Mel B earlier this week when she called them out on Instagram for using her image in an advert to promote its Clubcard Plus.

John Lewis and Waitrose then responded from its official account with: "Here at John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners we are really big fans of #KevinTheCarrot and were excited to feature his photo in our campaign. What do you think @waitrose?"

Waitrose got involved by replying: "Don't panic @AldiUK. We're rooting for you Kev. Edgar's got the #LeaftyBlinders sorted so the show can go on. #ExcitableEdgar #KevinTheCarrot #jlandpartners," alongside a snap of some very festive looking, albeit rather over-cooked, sprouts.

The post has since had more than 5,000 likes as people comment on how "brilliant" the exchange was.

"Think you just won Christmas, Aldi," responded one.

Another said: "Think the marketing team need a raise. #Genius."

"Absolutely fantastic. we still love you #KevinTheCarrot there's enough love for you & #ExcitableEdgar," added a third.

A fourth simply said: "Take. A. Bow."

Whilst another referred to the Mel B/Tesco saga: "@OfficialMelB and @Tesco just got trolled by an imaginary carrot."

However, one 'concerned' Kevin the Carrot fan asked: "What did you do to Kevin," to which Aldi responded: "I'm happy to say that no carrots were harmed during the advert and Kevin is keeping calm and carrotting on."

Original story published in Manchester Evening News