International onion sector gathers at Onion symposium in the Netherlands

Siem Beers and Gerrit de Groot of Dutch onion seed suppliers, Broer, Bejo, and De Groot, opened the symposium.

Located in Creil in the Dutch Noordoostpolder, the company stores 16,000 tons of onion sets annually. This amounts to 16,000 crates.

The building was constructed in 2012. No less than 2,700 piles were used in its construction. The company has been 'off-gas' for seven years now.

Broer has been producing, processing, and selling onion sets for more than 50 years now. They do business in more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia.

They also export their products to Canada and the United States. In 2002, Bejo/De Groot en Slot decided to set up an onion set breeding program. They wanted to accelerate the breeding of good varieties. The 'Quality Inside' onion label was, thus, born.

In 2004, Broer was taken over by De Groot en Slot. They are the exclusive producers of this label.

The company grows onion sets at various locations throughout the Netherlands. They also cultivate these with their Russian partner, Lukamore LLC.

This is for the local Russian market. Broer has a partnership with ESC in the United Kingdom. They work with Bejo Iberica in Spain too.

Together, they cultivate first-year onion sets for the Mediterranean market.

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