Morrison tackles food waste through partnership with 'Too Good to Go'

Morissons is now selling boxes of unsold supermarket food for £3.09 from stores all across the UK.

It's the retailer's latest scheme to help tackle food waste by selling unsold food that has reached its best before dates.

Each box from Morrisons contains fruit and veg as well as fresh produce from the bakery and deli, which will collectively be worth at least £10.

Shoppers will be able to buy them through the Too Good To Go app, which already allows restaurants and cafes to signed up to the service to sell leftover food at a discounted price.

Customers won't get a choice of what comes in their box before collecting it from the supermarket, as it will all depend on what stock is leftover at the end of the day.

One customer who took advantage of the scheme during its trial phase said her first box was filled with carrots, apples, bananas, a melon, blueberries, a cauliflower, turnip, coffee, muffins, strawberries and cakes.

The scheme is being rolled out to all 494 stores today, Tuesday November 26.

To purchase a box, customers will need to first download the free app on your Apple or android device and then register an account with it.

They will then need to select their local Morrisons store to see how many of the boxes are available to buy.

Source: The Sun