Huge rise in 'bag for life' sales prompts call for new 70p price

November 29, 2019

Sales of plastic "bags for life" rose 26% last year to 1.5 billion - prompting a call for the standard price to be raised from 10p to 70p.

Greenpeace and Environment Investigation Agency research shows the bags are effectively "bags for a week", with UK households buying 54 a year in what was described as a "huge rise".


Researchers say that bag for life sales were cut by 90% in the Republic of Ireland by setting higher prices of 70 cents - and "ideally" they want the same in the UK.


It comes as their research also showed total plastic packaging used by the UK's 10 biggest supermarkets increased from 886,000 tonnes in 2017 to 903,000 in 2018.


It was mainly driven by sales of branded products, rather than supermarket own-brands, and the fact they are selling more products overall.


Only Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's were able to achieve "marginal" reductions, said the report by Greenpeace and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).


Source: Sky News

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