Keeping it 'real' this Christmas! Price war breaks out at supermarkets

With consumers increasingly looking for ways to cut back on plastic use and become more sustainable, supermarkets are keen to promote a range of real Christmas trees this year.

Leading consumer group Which? has researched those retailers who offer the best value to consumers and as has published this as a 2019 comparison list.

Aldi and Lidl lead the way in terms of popularity so far, selling a 6ft Nordmann fir, prized for its non-drop needles, for just £24.99.

Morrisons are retailing a 5ft Nordmann for a lowly £15, whilst Waitrose are selling their trees, which are fuller and range in height between 7ft and 8ft, for £55.

“There’s nothing like bagging a bargain especially during one of the most expensive times of the year,” Which? said.

“There are a host of stores selling the most popular type of tree in the UK, a Nordmann fir, for less than £30, with the cheapest costing just £15,”

But how can the supermarkets retail the trees at such low prices?

Lidl explain that there’s nothing unethical going on, stating: “each of our trees is Leaf certified, which means that it is trackable all the way back to the patch of Scottish Highlands where it was grown. Every one is grown sustainably with “due care and consideration for the surrounding environment”.

“I’ve no idea how they manage to sell them so cheaply,” added the secretary of the British Christmas Trees Growers’ Association, Harry Brightwell, “but they’ve clearly sourced locally, and I think we have to recognise and applaud the fact that they are doing this so self-consciously.”