‘No reason’ why fruit and vegetable prices will go up after Brexit, claims Business Secretary

The Business Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, said she does not see “any reason” why the cost of fruit and vegetables would rise after Brexit on a visit to Lincoln on Tuesday, December 3.

Mrs Leadsom, who was visiting the city in support of Conservative party candidate Karl McCartney, said the Prime Minister’s deal would “ensure a good arrangement” was made with the European Union.

She claimed that the government would be able to “make life better” for local farmers after Brexit.

When asked whether people in Lincolnshire could expect to see a shortage or rise in the cost of fruit and vegetables once the UK is outside the EU, she said she did not believe it would be the case.

“I honestly don’t believe so,” she said.

“I do not see any reason to think that would be the case. In fact, what we will ensure with Boris Johnson’s deal is that we will leave the EU with a good arrangement that works for us and for them.

“The UK has some of the highest standards of food production and animal welfare, it is in great demand overseas.

“UK consumers will benefit from our ability to import from other parts of the world those goods that we don’t produce at home.”

A leaked government report, Operation Yellowhammer, warned in August that the country faced food shortages and price rises in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

But, Mrs Leadsom said she was confident that the party could pass a withdrawal deal and “move on”.

Source: The Lincolnite