Red kiwis are set to be the hot new fruit

Kiwi fruit brand Zespri have announced plans to commercialise their red kiwifruit that – as their name suggests – have a highly Instagrammable pinky-red flesh.

Zespri's vibrant red flesh has a "deliciously sweet berry-tinged flavour" says the company and has the potential to be talked about as a superfood.

Its unique red hue is down to anthocyanin, which Zespri claims boosts cardiovascular and cognitive health.

But it will be a while before we see the fruit in UK supermarkets.

Zespri says it’ll take two years to produce enough of the new fruit for the global market but it’s currently planned to launch in New Zealand.

The soon-to-be instagram-hyped fruit will also be priced higher than regular kiwis, giving it a luxury appeal.

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