Morrisons giving away free ‘magic’ carrots for Rudolph

The supermarket announced the “Carrots for Rudolph” campaign to help support British vegetable farmers this winter.

After a “difficult” harvest for British carrot growers meant that a higher-than-usual number of carrots are mis-shapen, Morrisons are giving the reindeer-favourite root veg away.

The carrots, which all come from the supermarket’s “Wonky Veg” range, will support British farmers this winter by stopping them going to waste.

Morrisons hopes to promote wonky vegetables with the move, proving that they are just as delicious and nutritious as their more shapely counterparts.

Morrisons carrot buyer Andy Todd said: “We want to make it easy for our customers to enjoy these magical Christmas traditions. And at the same time we want to highlight that wonky carrots are just as tasty as perfect-looking carrots - to support our farmers.”

Source: Edinburgh News