Pay level for Scottish farm workers agreed

December 13, 2019

The Scottish Agricultural Wages Board has agreed a single minimum level of pay for agricultural workers to come into force from April 1 2020.

It represents an increase of 3% across all allowances, and includes a single minimum hourly rate for all workers, irrespective of age and duties, that is equal to the UK Government’s National Living Wage


Apprentices who undertake a SCQF level four or five Modern Apprenticeship in agriculture or an equivalent qualification will get an hourly rate of £5.46 and there will be an additional sum of £1.29 per hour for workers who have an appropriate qualification.


The working dog allowance is £6.43 per working dog up to a maximum of four dogs.


An increase has also been agreed in the daily rate of the accommodation off-set for accommodation other than a house.


Source: Press and Journal

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