UK election results: Boris Johnson’s Conservatives secure huge majority in parliament

Boris Johnson has won a huge victory in the general election and Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead Labour into the next election as his party suffered the worst result in decades.

The Conservatives went far beyond the majority vote of 326 seats.

Speaking after he held onto his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, Mr Johnson said: "It does look as though this One Nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done."

He added: "Above all I want to thank the people of this country for turning out to vote in a December election that we didn't want to call but which I think has turned out to be a historic election that gives us now, in this new government, the chance to respect the democratic will of the British people to change this country for the better and to unleash the potential of the entire people of this country.

"Parliament must change so that we in Parliament are working for you the British people."

"It is an absolute privilege to do this job and to work for you."

Jeremy Corbyn announced he would not lead Labour in any future general election campaign after a "very disappointing" night.

But he suggested he would not be departing as Labour leader immediately.

"I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward," Mr Corbyn added.

"And I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future."

Source: Sky News