Agriculture Bill back on the table, says ALA

The Agriculture Bill – along with several other draft Bills – could come back to Parliament following the landslide victory for the Conservatives in the General Election.

After months of uncertainty, stagnation and frustrating weather, a new Parliament may be able to provide much-needed direction to farmers, said Mike Holland, secretary and adviser to the Agricultural Law Association (ALA).

“Since the EU referendum in 2016 policy efforts have been redirected towards sustainability, environmental practices and increased productivity in farming,” he explained.

“We hope that under the re-elected Conservative Government we will soon begin to receive details of proposed legislation to which we can contribute and liaise on with Defra.

“The hope is that a prompt Queen’s Speech will start to cement the direction of policy as soon as possible.”

The rural sector has had significant input into the Government’s emerging policy and legislative framework on farming, environment and trade; including the Health and Harmony consultation, the 25-year Environment Plan, integrating natural capital and ELMs, added Holland.

So What Can Farmers Expect Now?

Before the General Election was called, new policy was directed at increasing biodiversity, minimising and offsetting farming’s environmental impacts, as well as creating clean air and water and enabling the transition away from direct payments.

“The natural assets of land are likely to play an increasingly vital role – not just as the bedrock of agricultural enterprises, but in providing farmers with future financial opportunities to protect and enhance the environment,” said Holland.

Climate change and carbon trading is also a huge topic of conversation and farmers are likely to see increasing prospects to weave this into their current business structures.

However, the previous iteration of the Agriculture Bill still had many stages to pass before the final version, Holland explained.

Source: Agriland