Alan Titchmarsh tells fruit fans to eat seasonally for planet’s sake

Alan Titchmarsh has criticised people who berate celebrities for taking long-haul flights but nevertheless indulge in ecologically suspect habits themselves, such as buying strawberries and other fresh produce out of season.

The television presenter and gardener acknowledged that lecturing the public about their environmental footprint could lead to people feeling powerless but urged them to see beyond “the recycling bin as their sole contribution to aiding the environment”.

He said that his own household had become “positively evangelical” about buying British produce.

In his monthly column in the BBC magazine Gardeners’ World, Titchmarsh, 70, wrote: “We cannot berate members of the royal family and global superstars for flying hither and yon in private jets if we buy strawberries in January, for they, too, will have necessitated the burning of fossil fuel to reach our table.

“I yearn for a return to seasonality of diet: English apples and pears in autumn and winter, strawberries and raspberries in summer, asparagus from April to June.

"The delights of anticipation and the postponement of gratification have, alas, become little more than a memory.”

In response to the climate awareness protests that have disrupted London and other cities in the past few months, he added: “I hope that none of the Extinction Rebellion protesters has a block-paved front garden.

"It would be hypocritical to berate governments about their irresponsibility when so many of us are cavalier about such things on a domestic scale.”

Source: The Times