RHA publishes its bold vision for the future of freight and logistics

A bold new paper detailing the RHA's strategy for decarbonising the freight and logistics sector has been published.

Keeping the environment a the heart of their message, in line with the key issues highlighted by the recent General Election, the paper implores the Government to develop a freight roadmap which will deliver the building blocks required to achieve a net zero carbon future.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “How the change is managed politically and economically over the next 25 years will be challenging. Our strategy sets out an approach that will ensure that sensible, evidence-based and pragmatic policies are in place to support investment in the green technology needed.

“The time for talking about the environment is over. We need clear global action to tackle climate change, and I am determined that the UK logistics sector will do its bit.

“The Government must ensure supportive policies exist that give our members the confidence to plan for a green future. By contrast, policy “mis-steps” such as clean air zones which have undermined trust must be avoided.”