Chinese ginger exports expected to increase after Chinese New Year

Tom Bi from Jining Land Produce Co Ltd has talked about the minimal effects of Brexit and the increase in China's ginger exports following the Chinese new year.

Mr Bi said: “As the Chinese New Year this year is coming early, China's ginger export is currently in a special period, and the trade volume has increased. It is expected that the export volume will increase after the Chinese New Year. Current prices are slightly higher than before and are relatively stable.

"Unlike other ginger exporters, we have our own processing facility in the Netherlands, and our own brand, Red Dragon.

"Our processing facility in the Netherlands guarantees the quality of our ginger and the stability of suppliers. It usually takes 32 days to ship from the production areas in Shandong to the Netherlands, and 5 days from processing and loading to the ship leaving shore, so it takes about 37 days in total to ship to the Netherlands.

"For us, it only takes us 2-3 days to transport our products in refrigerated trucks to other European countries, which guarantees product quality. Thanks to this, despite our lower current shipment volume, the air-dried storage ginger sent to the Netherlands earlier can still meet the current purchasing demand.

"Overall, our ginger export volume has not declined this year and the exports to Europe and the United States remain stable. Although our shipment volume experienced a short-term decline earlier due to the China-US trade war, it returned to normal soon after the tension between the two countries were eased.

"Our main export destinations include Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. As far as the situation in the UK is concerned, Brexit will have some impact on our shipments, but will be very limited, as the country is not our main market. "