Brussels sprouts get a new UK-style makeover

After years of parliamentary gridlock, the UK is now set to leave the European Union after a pre-Christmas election swept many pro-Brussels MPs from office.

While the re-elected UK Government led by Boris Johnson is making plans for a post Eurozone future, British supermarkets are also planning ahead with voluntary name changes to certain products.

Morrisons has rebadged its brussels sprouts.

The supermarket always stocked UK-grown produce anyway so gone is the Belgian capital, replaced by ‘Yorkshire sprouts’ and ‘Lincolnshire sprouts’.

But Morrisons insisted this is totally normal and it is not being anti-EU veg in the promotion of its veg. A spokesperson explained: "Many of our customers are interested in knowing where their food comes from.

"Our Lincolnshire sprouts are called Lincolnshire sprouts because they are from Lincolnshire. Our Yorkshire sprouts are called Yorkshire sprouts because they are from Yorkshire.

"Many of our customers like to know that."

Source: Weekly Times