Reimagining agriculture at GFFA and Farm & Food 4.0 in Berlin

Indigo Agriculture, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, will invite delegates to reimagine agriculture at two of the most important international agriculture forums taking place in Berlin later this month.

The company will use the platforms provided by the renowned Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), and Farm & Food 4.0, to introduce Indigo Marketplace, Indigo Carbon and the Terraton Initiative.

Together, these interrelated platforms help improve farm profitability and enable growers to play a critical role in contributing to a more beneficial food and farming system while addressing climate change.

At the GFFA, Indigo Agriculture will exhibit in the Forum's prestigious Innovation Marketplace. Farm & Food 4.0 is the leading congress for innovation and digitalisation in agri-food. Indigo will also exhibit its solutions and take part in the panel discussion "Regenerative agriculture – old methods rethought".

Indigo Agriculture's Head of Europe, Georg Goeres, who will lead the company's representation said, "We are delighted to be participating in both of these leading international forums looking at opportunities to build a more sustainable food and agriculture system.

"To succeed, Indigo believes that we need to take a systems-based approach to reimagine agriculture for the benefit of both people and the planet."

Indigo Marketplace, a digital platform for the transaction of grain, seeks to de-commoditise agriculture by connecting growers directly with buyers willing to pay for high-quality, sustainably grown, and identity preserved crops.

Indigo Carbon is a carbon market providing growers with a financial incentive to enrich their soil with carbon. This helps to address climate change while also improving soil health and the resilience of farms to extreme weather while reducing the need for chemical and fertilizer inputs. The offshoot is a key part of The Terraton Initiative, a global effort to sequester one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere and store it within agricultural soils.

Together, these solutions, which are underpinned by Indigo's microbial seed treatment technology and digital agronomy, improve farm profitability, the environmental sustainability of agriculture, and consumer health.

"Our approach, which will roll out in Germany and Hungary in 2020, supports the recently announced EU Green Deal," said Goeres. "We look forward to participating in the debates with growers, scientists, policymakers, NGOs, and other industry colleagues, to reimagine agriculture in ways that will benefit all of us."