Why technology is at the forefront of freight evolution

In a recent article published by the WTA Group they stated “as an industry, freight forwarding is often criticised for being slow to adopt technology and new ways of doing business. Whilst there may be some truth in this sentiment, to say there is a complete lack of innovation is overstated. We would agree however, that there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Embracing new technology is allowing freight industry to evolve in a way that is better for business and better for the planet.

Nigel Davis, the Chairman of Horizon International cargo explains “When placed alongside other industries, the “freight game” is comparatively archaic in many of its processes. Original paperwork is still widely prevalent despite numerous indications of an impending “paperless” revolution. In an age where one can conduct more and more transactions with the swipe of a finger, most freight operations are still paper dependent and, regrettably, the online platforms which currently exist remain a long way from being integrated across the complex web of moving parts that transport freight across the globe.

“At Horizon, as much as we have embraced and invested in advanced IT systems and new software, we have also invested heavily in staff training. For all the benefits new technologies bring us, it is our staff who find the solutions and keep the clients happy.”

Davies also highlights the effect ecommerce has had on the freight industry, saying “the impact of ecommerce cannot be overstated. In an age where even next-day delivery is falling short of consumer expectations, the online revolution has set the precedent for a new era for freight.

"Speed and efficiency are emphasised more every day as the world becomes a smaller and smaller place. By incorporating e-fulfilment into our service capabilities, our clients are able to outsource their entire supply chain to us, from the moment a purchase order is generated to the final delivery at their customer’s door.”