EU crisis as thousands block Berlin roads in fury at EU subsidies

January 22, 2020

Thousands took to the streets of Germany and Ireland over the weekend to protest against restrictive EU regulation preventing farmers from making an environmentally-friendly use of EU subsidies.

More than 15,000 farmers blocked Berlin's roads with tractors on Saturday in a joint protest between alliance "Wir haben es satt" (We've had enough) and alliance "Land schafft Verbindung" (Countryside Creates Connection).


The two groups united against EU regulations on pesticides and the distribution of EU funds to agricultural and horticultural organisations.


Instead of investing €60billion (£51billion) from the EU in agriculture which uses pesticides on fields or encourages mass livestock farming possible, the money should be spent to support environmental, nature conservation and climate measures as well as promoting animal welfare, the alliances believe.


More than 150 tractors rolled up to the iconic Brandenburg Gate in downtown Berlin on Saturday afternoon, paralysing traffic in the adjacent areas.


The Berlin mayor, Michael Müller, recognised that it was a "burden for Berlin", but "the farmers have their point of view”.


Source: The Express


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