Wholesale market price reports shows increases for turnips, cauliflower and apples

The average wholesale market prices of home grown produce report from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs shows that the biggest increase for fruit was the price of Braeburn apples, which increased by 17%, from £0.88kg to £0.95kg.

Photo courtesy of Premier Fruits

Turnips had the biggest rise in price for vegetables at 48% from £1.07kg to £1.56kg, with cauliflower seeing an increase of 31%, from £0.72kg to £0.94kg.

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The report gives the average wholesale prices of selected home-grown horticultural produce in England and Wales.

Results are based upon averages of the most usual prices charged by wholesalers for selected home-grown fruit, vegetables and cut flowers at the wholesale markets in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and a London Market (New Spitalfields or Western International).

Source: Fresh Plaza