Freight Farms, Sodexo plan brings container farms to colleges

Container farm manufacturer Freight Farms and Sodexo have plans to bring hydroponic vertical farms to schools and universities across the US.

The partnership will give customers of Sodexo, an institutional foodservice and facilities management company, access to Freight Farms’ 320-square-foot Greenery containers, according to a news release.

According to the release, the Freight Farms containers allow institutions to address issues that include food safety, sustainability, traceability, year-round production and freshness of what they serve.

“Sodexo’s commitment to offer onsite food production to its customers helps accelerate food system decentralisation — leading the charge for better sourcing practices at an institutional level,” Brad McNamara, Freight Farms co-founder and CEO, said in the release.

The containers can grow a variety of lettuces, herbs, brassicas and other leafy greens, according to the Freight Farms website.

“Students, institutions and corporate businesses want healthy, safe, and delicious food, and they want it sourced as sustainably as possible,” Kenny Lipsman, director of the produce category for Sodexo, said in the release. “Sodexo is proud to use and support the latest agricultural technology to create meaningful food system change.”

There are 35 “educational and corporate campuses” with Freight Farms containers, and the company expects that to rapidly expand through the Sodexo partnership, according to the release.

Source: The Packer

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