Fruit Logistica 2020: A Brighter Future for Fresh Produce

The world’s most international fresh produce event returns to Berlin on Feb. 5–7, 2020, as the global fruit and vegetable industry targets greater sustainability, further innovation and a brighter future.

With 3,300 exhibitors from 93 countries – more than ever before – taking part in this year’s show, Fruit Logistica once again plays host to the largest congregation of fruit and vegetable companies and professionals on the planet.

Demonstrated by the sheer breadth and variety of products on display courtesy of this year’s official partner country Ecuador, the scale of Fruit Logistica 2020 reflects the wide array of top-quality fresh fruit and vegetables now reaching the international market.

For many of the country’s exporters, visiting the show will create new commercial opportunities. “Our mission is to open up to new markets in Europe,” says Luis Rojas, president of the Santa Rosa Small Agricultural Producers Association.

“We are going to Berlin to meet potential buyers who, with their purchases, will help rural agriculture families to progress.”

Trade visitors can also discover an industry that is rising to meet several major challenges, with improved sustainability top of the list.

As the Fruit Logistica Trend Report 2020, “Do The Right Thing (Right),” explains, an increasing number of buyers and consumers are looking for sustainable supply models that address issues like climate change and corporate social responsibility. As a result, fresh produce companies stand to gain a key commercial advantage if they can ensure products are grown, sourced and distributed in a more ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Many of the suppliers and service providers exhibiting in Berlin appear more than ready to seize that opportunity.

As Madlen Miserius, senior product manager at Fruit Logistica explains, the event continues to draw in an expanding number of exhibitors with unrivaled potential to grow the business. “Over the next three days, you will meet the best in the global fresh produce trade,” she promises. “You will receive the best insights, get to know the best innovations and benefit from the best networking opportunities. Simply put, you will be able to do the best business!”