'Ready to eat' lettuce has almost 10 times the bacteria of loose leaves, claims expert

An Australian scientist claims that 'ready to eat' lettuce should always be washed before consuming it.

Glen Pinna, from Biotech Laboratories, compared bagged lettuce which claims to be washed, with a fresh piece of produce.

The food expert then revealed the amount of bacteria in the two different variations. Glen found that unwashed loose lettuce contains 470,000 microbes per gram while bagged produce has 9.5 million microbes per gram.

'The conditions they're creating in the bag is really promoting the growth of bacteria,' he said.

He continued: 'Anything that you're chopping up and putting into a bag and sealing and not holding under five degrees, those bugs are going to increase'.

Glenn also found that washed fresh lettuce has 63,000 microbes per gram while the unwashed produce had six times the amount of bacteria. He went on to say that lettuce as well as leafy vegetables should be washed before being consumed.

He also found that microbes on apples, tomatoes and strawberries were not much different when washed or unwashed.

Source: Daily Mail