How Data and AI help companies reduce waste and improve food production

Growers around the world are beginning to use data and AI to yield better crops and get more out of a season.

Agritech company, The Yield, has a solution called Sensing+ that combines sensors and analytics to provide information and predictions in easy-to-use apps helping large commercial growers make important on-farm decisions like when to irrigate, feed, plant, protect and harvest.

Ros Harvey, founder and managing director of The Yield said the company is focused on taking the guesswork out of growing.

“The biggest guesswork of them all is driven by weather, as it’s the one thing that a grower can’t control. Everyone who sells in and buys out of a farm is effectively really impacted by this uncertainty problem.

“What Sensing+ does is we measure in real-time, the 14 variables that drive all agricultural models things like wind, rain, light and relative humidity soil moisture.

“What we do is we use artificial intelligence to predict it at that point, then we put it into really easy to use applications that help growers make decisions about when to irrigate, when to feed and when to harvest their crops.”

The agritech company has also developed a module for predicting yield.

Harvey said, “What we do is we combine this weather data which is what is used to grow the crop, together with data from management systems to actually do a new prediction, so that we can improve the accuracy of predicting when the crop is ready.”

Sustainability is also a huge factor for farmers and is becoming a driver according to Harvey. She said every good grower knows that their future prospects rely on them managing sustainably.

“It’s not a question of doing sustainability because it’s just the right thing to do, it’s because it’s an essential thing to do if you’re going to have a resilient and sustainable financial future.”

Source: Which-50