Agritech firm to roll-out 40 vertical farms across UK

Agritech company, Shockingly Fresh, has revealed plans to launch 40 'vertical farms' across the UK after securing planning permission for a site in Worcestershire.

The business, which has its headquarters in Edinburgh, has created a naturally-lit facility, utilising hydroponic towers to grow leafy green crops.

The greenhouse will span almost 12 square metres and will be situated on a 1.2 hectare site near Offenham.

This innovative facility will be built in partnership with indoor farming specialists Saturn Bioponics and nationwide salad growers Valefresco.

Shockingly Fresh say their first farm will be completed this summer after getting the go-ahead from Wychavon District Council and will mark the first of many to be rolled out by the company across the UK.

Garth Bryans, COO at Shockingly Fresh, said: “The Midlands are ideal for vertical farming and we are really excited about delivering our first site. The climate is good, there is a well-established horticulture sector and it is close to major markets and road networks, so it makes sense for us to begin our roll out plans there.

“We have identified a significant market – particularly around the early and late season ‘shoulder months’ – which is currently filled by imported crops from Europe. We believe a raft of sites across the country will enable British growers to compete on a level field."