Agritech promises fruity future for Beeswax Dyson Farming

March 6, 2020

Beeswax Dyson Farming has been granted permission to construct a state of the art 6ha glasshouse with associated infrastructure at their farm in Carrington.

"This is a big step toward achieving our ambition for a high output, lower input farming model with technology and data at the core," say the farm.


Strawberries and other soft fruit will be grown utilising heat generated by an anaerobic digester which already provides electricity for nearly 8000 homes. This green energy source will allow the farm to grow over 600 tonnes of great British produce throughout the year.


As well as heat and power the digester also converts crops such as maize, barley and rye into an organic fertiliser that can provide optimum nutrition for the glass house crops reducing the farm's dependency on chemical fertiliser.


The high-tech led lighting system will allow crops to be grown throughout the year reducing the UK’s reliance on imported produce.


The site will encompass a processing facility, designed to allow the processing and packaging of other products in the future. The facility will create around 60 full time jobs covering a range of roles including management, technicians, logistics, and processing.


All this means a boost for the local economy with much of the initial project fund being spent with contractors from this region.


CambridgeHOK have been appointed as Principle Designer and will oversee the installation and commissioning of the glasshouse facility.  The company, based in East Yorkshire, are specialists in the design and construction of glasshouses, vertical farming, R&D/educational facilities and portal frame buildings.


In around 12 months’ time Beeswax Dyson strawberries will be available at a range of outlets across the country.


Source: Beeswax Dyson Farming

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