Using Artificial Intelligence to solve food loss

March 11, 2020

According to studies, one-third of all food that is produced for human consumption is wasted each year, which equals to 1.3 billion tons.

Occipital Tech, based in Mumbai, is an agritech startup that provides solutions to improve the marketability of fruits and vegetables with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


Its AI-based sorting and grading will help improve the marketability of the commodities while reducing the post-harvest losses. Its purpose is to increase the transparency and value realisation throughout the agriculture supply chain by using AI technology.


The solution grades and categorises different fruits and vegetables based on their size, shape, colour, and surface quality, providing continuous and real-time quality checks for each fruit and vegetable.


Agrograde App by Occipital Tech

Agrograde is an application that enables AI grading and QC solutions. This application identifies the grade of a sample of a commodity. Then, the grade data is converted into a QC report which can be generated at the end and sent to the buyer.


The app aims to create transparency between the seller and the buyer while providing a deeper level of trust between them.

Agrograde’s benefits include:

  • Real-time quality checks that help speed up the procurement process which allows users to perform quality checks in less than a minute;

  • Colour-based grades that eliminate subjectivity in quality determination;

  • Detection of surface defects through AI; and

  • Helping growers get a better price for their products.

Solutions for everyone in the agricultural supply chain

With 98% accuracy and speeds of one-fifth of the time needed in the current manual process, the technology helps bring current costs down with the help of AI, meaning benefits across every part of the agricultural supply chain.


For example, growers will get free quality reports of their harvest allowing them to maximise revenues on their produce. 


Moreover, enterprises can efficiently procure from suppliers, having uniform quality inspection and the ability to track quality across the agricultural supply chain.


Occipital Tech plans to roll out the technology to parts of Europe and the UK from 2021.


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