Kenyan flower exports drop by 50 percent

March 20, 2020

Kenyan flower exports to the EU market have dropped by fifty percent in the last couple of weeks due to the financial crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

Photo source: George Murage


This has forced farmers in Naivasha to start disposing of flowers worth millions of shillings for lack of a market while casual workers are being sent home.


At Maridadi flower farm, over one million stems of roses which were destined for Holland withered in their dump composite site as the heap rose by the day.


Farm owner Jack Kneppers said they had already sent home 150 workers with concerns that the rest could be released in the coming days.


Kneppers, who employs 750 workers termed the current situation as worrying with the farm disposing over 230,000 stems and making Sh500,000 losses daily.


“In the last four days we have disposed of all the days’ collection in the compost yard and already we have sent home 150 workers due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus,” he said.


The seasoned farmer projected that small-scale farmers would run into bankruptcy in the coming weeks if the situation persists.


Source: Floral Daily

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