Maersk releases statement on COVID-19

Vincent Clerc, CEO of logistics company Maersk, has released a statement concerning the coronavirus.

He states: "The gravity of the COVID-19 crisis, its pace and level of disruption to our lives and respective businesses is truly humbling. 


"At Maersk, we also understand that we have a large responsibility, both for our people and for our partners. You have trusted us to care for a large part of your supply chain, and I wanted to reassure you that we are as committed today, as before to enable your business.


"The safety of our people always matters the most, but we also know that our role in supporting you may be more important than ever now; whether it is as the transport of essential supplies or in helping keep balancing your supply with a rapidly changing demand.


"In these times, no one can predict exactly how this will pan out. We are following the situation very closely and are doing our utmost to minimise the negative impact on your supply chain.


"We are daily finding solutions to keep global trade running as much as physically possible and to ensure that customers are always able to get their business done with Maersk."


To read the statement in full please click here.

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