Coronavirus: New platform launched to fight food waste

March 25, 2020

FruPro, has launched a free online platform aimed at tackling food waste and keeping the fresh produce supply chain moving in what are unprecedented times of enforced social distancing, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

 The platform, called FruPro, provides users with a free, fast and easy way to buy or sell produce with its realtime ‘offer and search’ functionality.


FruPro can connect potential buyers with sellers of fresh produce online and, being a contactless way of doing business, it is an ideal platform to keep the fresh produce industry running during the current period of social distancing.


“This is a non-profit exercise for FruPro. Our only motivation is to keep the nation fed,” explains FruPro’s founder and CEO, William Hill.  


“No product should be going to waste.  There’s just no excuse for it!” he continues.


“We have developed the FruPro platform to ease major supply chain disruptions resulting from social distancing measures, which have badly hit several sectors of the economy,” he explains.


With a locked-in Britain now officially enforced, both foodservice and catering companies are going to face big drops in revenue, which could lead to an excess of stock. 


What’s more, the closure of schools across the UK will no doubt escalate the potential amount of food waste.


 FruPro’s platform offers networking opportunities which aim to ensure that produce makes its way effortlessly into the supply chain and keeps the foodservice sectors running during the pandemic.


The platform has already received a tremendous response from the industry, with close to 180,000kg of produce being traded since its launch.


“Thousands of people are going to have to rely on, where possible, contactless local supplies and it is our duty within the industry to ensure we do all we can to support them and the businesses that rely on their custom to keep them running,” Hill concludes.


You can access the FruPro platform here.

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