Food producers across the country begin offering home delivery

Food producers, wholesalers and retailers have all been affected by the coronavirus, particularly those who in better times focus their supplies on restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes.

Yet the hospitality and food industries are nothing if not resilient. Adaptable, too. Producers across the country, from single-product farmers to big restaurant suppliers, and from breweries to cheese-makers, are now offering direct-to-home orders.

And taking them up on this offer is On Your Doorstep from the Fresh Produce Consortium, a brilliant way of supporting manufacturers, staying away from busier supermarkets, and simply ensuring a steady contactless supply of delicious food supplies to customer's home.

Likewise, FruPro, recently launched a free online platform aimed at tackling food waste and keeping the fresh produce supply chain moving in what are unprecedented times of enforced social distancing, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have developed the FruPro platform to ease major supply chain disruptions resulting from social distancing measures, which have badly hit several sectors of the economy,” said FruPro founder, William Hill to FreshtalkDaily.

With a locked-in Britain now officially enforced, both foodservice and catering companies are facing face big drops in revenue, which could lead to an excess of stock and the closure of schools across the UK has begun to escalate the amount of food waste, making new ways to connect suppliers with consumers crucial.

On Your Doorstep, was developed by the Fresh Produce Consortium as a means of ensuring that the fresh produce supply chain keeps moving across the UK.

The platform provides a free of charge service for suppliers of fresh produce in a move to connect them with customers in their local area.

“We desperately need to support the fresh produce supply chain and keep it moving during these challenging times” said the Fresh Produce Consortium’s chief executive, Nigel Jenney.

“We encourage local suppliers across the UK to sign up and take advantage of this valuable free service where we can connect them with local customers” he added.

The platform has already received huge support from the industry and is becoming increasingly populated with suppliers in each region of the UK.

If you’re a fresh produce supplier and would like to register your business at On Your Doorstep for free, click here and simply enter your details in the ‘Become a Supplier’ section.