Brits spending 60% more at supermarkets during lockdown

May 14, 2020

The data from TransferWise shows there is a huge discrepancy across the UK, as residents in Belfast are spending more than £27 per trip, while those in Northampton are spending less than £11 per trip – the only region spending less during lockdown than before.

Londoners are above the national average at £17.33 per trip, with Manchester at £17.07 per trip, and Birmingham spending £17.20.


Pedro Martin, data analyst at TransferWise, said: “Following Sunday’s announcements about the continued closure of bars and restaurants, and retention of social distancing across the UK, we expect to see increased supermarket spending per trip continue. How much, and for how much longer, will depend on future government announcements, and the number of local takeaway and delivery services that open.


“Most regions demonstrated an increase in amount spent per trip, which we can attribute to people eating at home more frequently and shopping less frequently – due to planning their meals further ahead and purchasing more when they do shop.


“Given there is no correlation between size of city or town, and expenditure – the data indicates that local factors such as demographics, density of supermarkets and availability of takeaway options are key indicators in how much is spent per trip.”


Source: Talking Retail

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