Perfectly Fresh acquire planning permission to develop huge new indoor Vertical Farm

P3P has successfully helped Perfectly Fresh to obtain planning permission for a new 5000m2 indoor Vertical Farm.

The new facility will be based in Selby, bordering Drax power station.

P3P is owned by three partners, Julian Harris, Mark White and Rupert Lywood, and was founded in 2011.

The company began developing projects in the energy sector and has grown to include partnerships focused on the development of waste and vertical farming facilities. They have built and now operate over 70MW of combined heat and power generation on glasshouses, hotels and industrial sites across the UK, as well as 5MW of solar and 6MW of reserve power.

Perfectly Fresh are horticulture experts based in the UK, using technology to modernise farming. Taking the best from advanced and traditional farming techniques, their innovative vertical farms produce high quality produce, while using less land and resources to reduce the environmental footprint of all the fresh produce grown.

“Our mission is to grow the best quality, highly nutritious produce, whilst improving food security in times of economic and political uncertainty. Everything we grow is produced in optimum conditions for that specific crop, without compromise.

"We strive for zero carbon, producing close to the point of supply, harvesting more, wasting less, with sustainable resource efficient year-round production. Ultimately, we are producing food that tastes great, that you can feel good about eating," Explained Phill Davies, Chief Agronomist at Perfectly Fresh.

The global vertical farming market expected to grow exponentially with the anticipated reach over $11,905 million by 2026.

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