Potatoes from France brought into Ukraine for the first time

While farmers may leave most of the young potatoes in the fields due to overproduction, the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers (UAPK) -via executive director Oksana Ruzhenkova- said that France, Belgium and the Netherlands exported potatoes to Ukraine for the first time because of the inability to sell it in quarantine through traditional channels sales.

“This year for the first time in all 29 years, and possibly even during the Soviet era, potatoes appeared not only from Belgium and the Netherlands, but also from France, on the shelves of supermarkets. They stopped absolutely all the plants for the production of French fries. The main processing facilities in Europe are located in these countries - more than 20 plants that provided McDonald's throughout Eurasia and the entire HoReCa system,” she said.

The states of Western Europe also delivered French fries to the recreational areas of Egypt, Turkey, and Israel.

The UAPK Executive Director fears that both the trader, the supermarket, and the buyer may be deceived when choosing a product, since such potatoes look beautiful, are stored for a long time, but are suitable only for frying.

In her opinion, supermarkets where they will sell potatoes from France, Belgium and the Netherlands may not indicate the country of origin, and the price will practically not differ from the cost of the rest of the potatoes in the assortment.

In addition, Ruzhenkova noted that at the moment there is a certain shortage of potatoes for supermarkets, since last year there was a crop failure due to drought and even industrial producers with a normal crop volume could not level the domestic deficit.

En.potatosystem.ru reported that, at the same time, in early April, Ukraine did not have a supply of vip-level potatoes (lack of land on potatoes, 5% rejects per lot, fraction of 50 mm in diameter when cut), which ultimately increased supplies from Belarus and Russia, where the industry is subsidized and the state compensates farmers the construction of storage facilities, seeds and diesel fuel at the level of 50, 75 and even 100% depending on the federal district.

Source: Fresh Plaza