#AgriWomen24: Campaign highlights role of women in farming

July 28, 2020

Two farmers have set out an online campaign with an aim to highlight the vital role of women in the British farming industry.

Ruth Parkes and Kathryn Taylor launched their #AgriWomen24 campaign in June which brought women together to celebrate their impact in farming.


Vencomatic UK has been supporting their mission and finding out more about the initiative, challenges in the industry and their stories so far.


Ruth decided to set up an Instagram account, to connect with more women in the industry. “It’s a great platform to share your own farming tips/methods and to learn from others in all aspects of farming” she states.


As she began to interact with others across social media, she soon became friends with a dairy farmer in Wales, Kathryn Taylor.


Through their shared love of farming, they decided to collaborate to voice their own different experiences of their work. As a result, #AgriWomen24 was launched.


On 26 and 27 June, Ruth and Kathryn shared their stories and gained huge support: “I decided to pursue it further and created the hashtag #Agriwomen24, inspired by #Farm24," Ruth said.


"I wanted to get Women in Agri involved in what we ourselves are doing, showcasing the role many of us play within the Agri industry”.


Using their hashtag, many women came forward to share their own pictures and opinions.


“I wanted to give women the opportunity for their voices to be heard” as “more and more women are becoming involved in helping to provide food from “farm to table” and are thriving in doing so”.


Looking towards the future, Ruth said: “I want to continue raising the profile of women in agriculture and providing opportunities for their stories to be heard.”


She encouraged all women and said “you are capable, more so than you will ever know”.


Source: Farming UK



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