Fewer people have returned to work in UK than any other major European country

August 6, 2020

Britons are continuing to work from home more than people in any other major European country, new figures have shown.

Only one in three British workers has returned to their office since the Government began its push to get people back to their desks.


In France, 83 per cent of office staff are back in their workplaces, while 76 per cent have returned to work in Italy, according to a survey by investment bank Morgan Stanley.


In Spain and Germany, 73 per cent and 70 per cent of workers are back in the office respectively.


In the UK, the figure is 34 per cent.


Of the Britons working from home, nearly half are doing so five days a week. In France, the figure is 15 per cent, and 19 per cent in Germany.


The APPG, which now has more than 60 MPs and peers as members, was told that eight in 10 people living with "long Covid" feel unable to return to work in a normal capacity.


An online survey of 1,800 people experiencing long-term symptoms found many employees felt "pressured" to return to work despite feeling unable to do so.


Claire Hastie, the founder of the Long Covid Support Group, who contracted coronavirus in March, said: "We've got people in our group who've been told or think they'll never work again. If they've got a physical job, someone's a Pilates instructor for example, she doesn't know if and when she'll ever be able to work again in her chosen field of work.


“People are being pressured back by employers who, understandably, don't understand this."


She added that it was "not uncommon" for children to have "long Covid", noting that scientific research is considering whether genetics is a "potential factor".


Activist Robin Gorna noted that her three children, aged between 11 and 16, had experienced long-term symptoms. "One of them has yet to recover, one of them took four months to recover," she said.


Labour MP Andrew Gwynne, a member of the APPG, revealed that he had been unable to shake his own coronavirus symptoms for 18 weeks.


"I feel like [I'm running] the London Marathon whenever I've done just a basic task around the house," he said. "I sometimes struggle just to ask a single Parliamentary question by Zoom, and then I'll spend the rest of the day in bed."


The Royal College of General Practitioners said it expects GPs to see an influx of patients with "lingering" illnesses.

Source: The Telegraph


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