Save British Farming unveils food standards poster campaign

August 12, 2020

Organisers of Save British Farming (SBF) have unveiled new banners and posters urging the UK government and MPs to uphold our world-leading agricultural standards.

Photo source: Save British Food


SBF are rolling out the “Board of Broken Promises” poster campaign to alert the public to the threats to our world-beating food system.


Farmers and members of the public will be able to order posters and banners to place in farms, homes and gardens across the country to help keep US foods produced to lower standards off British supermarket shelves in any future Brexit trade deals.


Mesh banners, PVC boards and stickers will soon be available to order from the website. The group wants the entire country to be awash with banners over the summer period.


This autumn SBF is planning a harvest festival campaign, where farmers will be demonstrating in key regional centres, culminating in rallies. 

Liz Webster, founder of SBF, told the Mail on Sunday: “There is hope if enough people fight for this. The overwhelming majority of the British public don’t want to lower food standards.


“It’s about the food on people’s plates – it’s not just about farms. We want to see these banners everywhere so that our MPs can see how passionately the British feel about their food.”


Source: Farmers Weekly


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