#FeedTheNation: Government video thanks farmers for support

The UK government has released a short video to thank farmers for keeping the nation fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 60-second clip was published on prime minister Boris Johnson’s official Facebook and Twitter pages (@10DowningStreet) on Sunday (30 August).

“Across the UK, our farmers have united to feed and support all four nations.

“When we work together, we make great progress,” said a statement accompanying the video.

During the pandemic, UK farmers have worked around the clock to meet demand.

Many have been forced to adapt their businesses to supply chain disruptions after the coronavirus forced the closure of pubs, cafes and restaurants.

But farmers have responded by coming up with innovative ideas to keep the nation fed, such as providing veg boxes direct to vulnerable people self-isolating in the community and selling produce directly from the farmgate through vending machines.

The Farmers Weekly #FeedTheNation campaign has been highlighting the vital role British farmers have played to produce safe, affordable, high-quality food during the pandemic.

The release of the government’s video comes just days ahead of the NFU’s annual Back British Farming Day (9 September).

The annual event provides a focus for MPs and farmers to celebrate British farming values and highlight its importance to the UK economy.

The government’s video has been viewed almost 50,000 times on Twitter, where it has been met with a mixed reaction.

Sylvia Marks (@sylvia_marks) tweeted: “Love our farmers, huge respect to them for their grit, determination and resilience, and of course their great British produce!”

But another suggested: “What a bizarre piece of propaganda. Fruits were unpicked and vegetables left in the ground due to lack of workers.

Source: Farmers Weekly