Oxford City Farm installs classroom kitchen after Crowdfund appeal

An urban farm’s dream of a new kitchen classroom is becoming a reality thanks to hundreds of donations.

Oxford City Farm reached the £40,000 needed at the end of May to fund moving a modular classroom offered to the charity to its site in Florence Park.

The money covered the cost of the relocation and will also fund the transformation of the building into a fully-equipped teaching resource for people to prepare and cook fresh, healthy food grown and picked on site.

Tweeting a picture of the structure being lifted into place last week, the farm commented: “Our new building is being installed today.

"This is such an important moment for the farm and we want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us to get this building. We are so excited. Thank you all so much.”

Oxford City Farm, which signed a 40-year lease in 2017 for its Cornwallis Road site, has become a well-established community resource.

Speaking in February about what the teaching kitchen would mean for the urban farm, Lucie Mayer, who came up with idea in 2008, said: “We have done so much with so little in terms of resource over the last three years, positioning ourselves as an important community resource.

"Most of our teaching has been delivered outdoors or under canvas.

“Gaining access to a warm and dry, indoor teaching and cooking space that can be used all year round – rain or shine – would be a game changer.”

She added: “If we achieved our goal, the new building would enable us to build the knowledge and skills of people, of all ages, across our community, giving them the confidence to grow, cook and eat fresh healthy food.

“If we are able to secure it, it will represent a huge leap forward.”

Source: Oxford Mail