Pledge to review levies on horticulture and potato sectors

The AHDB has pledged to focus its efforts on farm performance and market development, both at home and overseas.

“We have listened carefully to the views expressed by levy payers in response to the government-led request for views, and we are now committed to some key reforms to ensure we are fit for purpose in the changing times British agriculture is facing,” said AHDB chairman Nicholas Saphir.

“Farming and supply chain businesses will need to compete with the best in the world, drawing on the latest insight to improve farm performance, grow market opportunities and meet environmental goals.

“That is what we will provide in our new strategy, and we will commit to telling our levy payers on a regular basis how we are spending their money and the benefits it brings.

”Last month a ballot of almost 2,000 growers delivered a damning verdict on AHDB. The poll, organised by three disenchanted Lincolnshire growers, found 80% of growers in the horticulture and potato sectors did not want to pay a statutory levy.

Source: Press and Journal