A new world of retail: Understanding the future of the supply chain

In an interview with Craig Summers, the UK Managing Director of the supply chain innovation leaders, Manhattan Associates, the Editor of Freshtalk Daily, Sarah-Jayne Gratton, along with Dean Anthony Gratton, posed the questions that matter in terms of understanding the future of our supply chains in a post-Covid world.

The interview discussed the societal change that has happened as a result of the Covid19 pandemic and explored how the power of online resources, such as FPC's 'On Your Doorstep' have assisted in ensuring that essential grocery deliveries meet the needs of local consumers during the challenging times of the lockdown, whilst also ensuring that local traders have a platform on which to promote their services.

Summers explained how the pandemic has, not only changed consumer perceptions, but has also demonstrated the courage and commitment of so many 'unsung heroes' of the supply chain.

"To me, the unsung heroes are the ones behind the scenes, working to keep us going." said Summers.

"I think there was a realisation that we have had an incredible selection of choice in produce, beyond our wildest dreams. Now, we realise that we need to focus on getting the core things that people need out to them," he continued.

"I think we're only one tweet away from the next panic and the need for a more efficient supply chain becomes all the more important," he explained. "There are a lot of unknowns going forward and the focus will likely be on operational agility and the willingness to adapt."

Watch the full interview here.