English apple season off to a good start

The English apple harvest got underway around ten days ago and this week’s good weather is very encouraging.

“It seems to be going well and the weather has been kind to us, we have started to harvest Braeburn and Royal Gala,” said Mark Culley Managing Director of The Orchard Fruit Company. “Our volumes look to be on par with our estimates, our growers will see an increase due to investment in new plantings.”

According to Mark the transition from southern to northern hemisphere supplies. “We are in the last week of the southern hemisphere supply which will transition smoothly into our domestic supply. We should also be fine for pickers, the good weather means everything is running on time.”

The apples are good quality and size is a bit bigger than last year.

“Demand is good, people especially in the south look out for new season British apples.”

Source: Fresh Plaza