AHDB agrees 'managed-wind down' of Horticulture and Potatoes

Following industry votes to end statutory levies in the potato and horticulture sectors, the AHDB has announced a “managed wind-down” of this work. However, growers will still have to fund the organisation during 2021-22.

As part of the measures agreed on Wednesday (9 June), AHDB said the 2021/22 levy will continue to be collected during the financial year.

It will be publishing the levy rate 'in due course' after it has been approved by government ministers.

The organisation explained that it had to 'fund operational liabilities' associated with the wind-down contracts, people and assets.

AHDB said: "Subject to a ministerial decision, the remaining research contracts and other technical work that is wanted and valued by growers, but might need a managed transition, will be reviewed to ensure levy payers do not lose the value of their investment to date in these projects.

”This means that some level of levy will be needed in 2021 to supplement sector reserves to cover these costs as the change is managed through.

"This wind-down programme will enable AHDB to calculate and set levy at the lowest possible rate."