Avocado supplier Green SuperFood launches European marketing arm

Green SuperFood (GSF) a producer-exporter of sustainable fresh fruit and one of the largest Hass avocado growers in Colombia and Brazil has announced a new European marketing and distribution arm, Farmers Home Europe, which will be launched officially at Fruit Attraction 2021.

Serving as the European office for GSF’s Latin American growers, Farmers Home Europe will operate via a transparent business model – directly exporting Hass avocados to importers and retailers across the UK, Europe and Russia all year round.

Farmers Home Europe will replicate the GSF’s existing direct sales channel in the Americas, through which fresh fruit is shipped and marketed directly to customers across Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

Supported by a team based in the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal, Farmers Home Europe will be responsible for supporting existing GSF customers and expanding retail, wholesale and foodservice sales throughout Europe, eastern Europe, the UK and Russia.

The group has identified a number of local partners with whom the company can become more integrated, minimise costs and streamline the supply chain.

Green SuperFood Colombia CEO Baptiste Kervyn explained: “Green SuperFood is a vertically-integrated grower of Hass avocados in Colombia and Brazil that expects to reach 1,800 hectares (ha) of production by 2023. We have our own advanced nurseries that focus on the research and innovation of healthy, sustainable plants from clonal seeds, which truly sets us apart from other fruit producers in the region.

“Farmers Home Europe will differentiate the business as we incorporate more of our own production. We will be in a position where we can supply our own grown fruit for almost 12 months of the year from Colombia and Brazil.”

This approach is complemented by a focus on sustainable production practices, and supported by nutrient-rich soils across GSF’s growing areas. Fruit is grown according to the strictest global quality and food safety standards, including GlobalGAP and BRCS, and under responsible and regenerative production methods using the latest technology.

Supply is year round thanks to complementary production in Colombia and Brazil.

Kervyn continued: “We are a planet-friendly company that takes pride in all the positive social impacts that we have on our local communities and the ecosystems with which we interact. With this in mind, we see that our customers with similar strong environmental and sustainable credentials will be our partners well into the future.”