Blooms grown at Terrington are not just any flowers

A family-run flower growing business at Terrington St Clement has a won a starring role in the latest M&S television advertising campaign.

Ian Collison checking out the scented stocks

Collison Cut Flowers, which has been supplying blooms to the retailer for more than 20 years, has been picked to feature in a series of national adverts which feature a different farmer each week.

As one of this season's M&S champions, the Tuxhill Road scented stocks growers will be seen by up to 39 million people.

The three-generation farm is one of the largest seasonal stocks producers in the UK and throughout their partnership with M&S they have partnership they’ve grown, picked and shared a whopping 18.5 million stocks with M&S customers!

With the stocks season already in full bloom, the team at Collison’s will be looking to supply M&S with 800,000 stocks before the end of July, which will see the core team of 40 people hand-picking between 60-65,000 blooms a day! And to ensure they arrive in peak condition and give long-lasting scent, they are whisked from the glasshouses to M&S shelves in less than 48 hours.

Ian Collison, of Collison Cut Flowers said: “We’re entering our peak harvest season for stocks, which will see us pick around 320,000 stems this month alone for M&S. Our amazing team harvests each stem by hand so we can quality control every single one and make sure that customers receive the best-quality seasonal blooms.

"This year has been unusual in that the colder weather has stayed around for much longer, but we’ve worked extra hard to make sure our stocks bloom in style – it’s safe to say they are looking perfect!"

“Beyond our stocks, we’re a local business passionate about preserving the natural wildlife on our farm – developing a sustainable approach is at the forefront of everything we do. As well as using the rainwater we collect from our glasshouses to grow our flowers, we’ve developed wildflower meadows and butterfly banks to support the rich mix of local wildlife. For us, everything needs to work together harmoniously, and that’s as much about growing our blooms as it is preserving and celebrating the natural environment.”

Source: Lynn News