BRC: Supply chain problems becoming more challenging

The UK Trade & Business Commission is holding a hearing into the UK’s supply chain problems and driver shortages.

Andrew Opie, Director of Food & Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, explains that the sector has been coping with major supply chain disruption for almost two years, since the pandemic began.

But, it’s become more of a challenge in the last six months.

Since May, when the economy reopened, there has been more pressure in the supply chain - including the driver shortages, and also among production and distribution workers.

Opie explains that the sector is also preparing for more border changes as the UK implements checks on imports from the EU.

And he warns that the UK is entering its busiest period now in the run-up to Christmas.

For non-food companies, a massive proportion of business is done in the next three months, and food companies also see a smaller pickup in demand.

There are huge demands in the next few months to ensure consumers aren’t disappointed at Christmas. The situation is challenging now, and going to get more challenging, Opie adds.

You can watch the hearing here:

Source: The Guardian